Wednesday nights

MoJu stands for Daniel PurnoMO & JUlian Cheong.

Enjoying music's like listening to a good story telling with all the emotional factors. Julian's soulful voice fused with Daniel's playful fingerstyle guitar work creates a "feel good" music to the audience. There's always some surprising twist in the way they present their music. Expect freshly unique renditions of some classic rock, reggae, country, top 40, evergreen, etc with some jazz infuse from them.

Thursday nights

ALFRED GEORGE PILLAY is a multi-talented artiste, who is a singer, a guitarist, an emcee, a voice artiste, an actor and also a stand up comedian. He has been the entertainment industry for more than 20 years.

Alfred began his music career as a DJ and also a vocalist with a live band, and has won champion to numerous prestigous competitions, including the Rainbow Star Search, Singapore Discovery, 1st Singapore Karoke Challenge, Rollin’ Good Times (Bee Geees) and Rollin’ Good Times (Champion of Champions), to name a few. He has also participated in numerous national television productions and stage plays, such as “Rampaisari”, “Sukmairama”, “Kumar Alive Alive” and many more

Friday nights

Introducing PETER DIAZ, guitarist, vocalist, writer and guitar teacher. It all started in the 70’s when Peter joined the Singapore band, “The Surfers”, who later changed their name to “The October Cherries”. The band enjoyed tremendous success not only in Singapore and Malaysia, but also as far as Hong Kong and Japan.

He left the band in the late 70’s, to pursue a solo career, then went on to spend about twenty-seven years in Europe, writing and performing in various bands. In London, Englandhe had a couple of songs published with Martin & Coulter Music Publishing. In Belgium he wrote and recorded forDecibel Music under the Synonym of “David Scott”, enjoying success with a cover of his song, “Too late to say Goodbye” making the Top 5 in the S. African charts

He moved to Hamburg, Germany in 1981 to record his first album with Peter Jenssen Productions. Then later went on to write for Peer Southern Music, recording and releasing three singles, as well as having numerous titles in their catalogue. It was in Hamburg where he performed with the Rock ‘n’ Roll legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, as a bass player.

Finally, Peter was persuaded to return to Singapore in April of 1997, to arrange the music and collaborate in writing the reunion CD of the “October Cherries”. When The Esplanade approached him to do 2 shows on the 1st and 2nd Jan 2011 featuring his music, the seed was planted for him to do this album, “Time to call it a day”. Peter ended up taking a year to write, record, sing, play, and mix all the tracks. Take a listen and we hope you will enjoy the fruits of his labor of love.

Saturday nights


* Michael Jackson *George Benson
* Beatles *Lee Ritinor


Derf started his playing music professionaly at the age of 18 in different club circuits in Manila, Philippines. He then became the lead vocalist of Inertia Band under a recording contract with Viva Neo Records in 1996 which is also under VIVA Records, with their debut album selling 20,000 copies on its first month making it a gold record award and was awarded at GMA Supershow, until it became a platinum record award, selling more than 40,000 copies.

He further his professional career by being a guitar, bass, and drums sessionist to different bands in the Philippines while pursuing his